Roll Shutters for your Cottage

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A Fully Secure Cottage

Protection from the Forces of Nature

Protect your cottage from Mother Nature’s harshest elements Roll shutters by DDK provide energy efficient solutions to safeguard against intense sunlight, strong winds and severe storms.

Protection Against Stormy Weather and High Winds

Windows and doors are most vulnerable against hail, high winds and lying debris A closed roll shutter will significantly protect a home and business from the elements. Without roll shutters to protect the glass in windows and doors, homes and cottages are susceptible to even more damage from wind and water getting into the building for an extended period of time. You feel more secure, knowing that you have protected your property as best you can against the elements when you close all your shutters tightly.

Stylize Security by Contrasting the Shutters with the Siding

Protection from Break-ins and Vandalism

Whenever you lower your roll shutters completely, either at night or when you leave, they form a barrier that prevents potential burglars from breaking in.

Since they are controlled either from the inside or by security key lock on the outside, your family or business be safe from intruders, vandals or other unauthorized persons.

DDK Security & Shade provides manufacturing, installing, and repair of Security Roll Shutters across Ontario.

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