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Reduce Heating Cost

Roll shutters can block up to 90% of solar heat gain. They are effective because:

Reduce Airconditioning Costs

At night or when you are away, a completely lowered roll shutter significantly reduces heat loss from the window or door. The closed roll shutter curtain traps a still air space between itself and the glass. The insulation value is created from this pocket of air, plus the insulation inside the curtain itself. Heat loss is reduced approximately 50%, and eliminating a draft in the room makes for a warmer, cozier living space. Spend money enjoying life — not cooling your home.

Comfort and Peace of Mind

Ground Floor Shutters Add Plenty of Security

Enhance the comfort of your home. Completely retractable, and insulated to absorb heat, cold and noise, roll shutters offer practical and unique solutions that will allow you to experience your home in style. They are easily adjusted to provide the right amount of shade and privacy, making them ideal for daytime sleepers or people wanting an exceptional home theatre experience.

Protection From Noise

The closed roll shutter absorbs sound, plus traps air space between itself and the glass, thus absorbing additional noise.

This pocket of air, plus the insulation inside the curtain itself, significantly reduce noises so they don’t disturb your family or co-workers.

The Perfect Solution for Privacy on a Busy Street

Protection from Light and Glare Creation of Privacy

Roll shutters have tiny slots in each slat so you can control the amount of light entering the room. You may choose either full light penetration, full black-out, or anything in-between. Partial light control allows for activities such as glare-free TV viewing, as well as protects draperies, carpet and furniture from fading. When you close the shutter tightly, you have complete privacy.

This is especially important to shift workers, who will be able to get a much longer, deeper, more restful sleep in a totally darkened room, no matter what time of day.

DDK Security & Shade provides manufacturing, installing, and repair of Security Roll Shutters across Ontario.

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